Sustainable Land Development & The Thoughtful Stewardship of Generational Estate Properties

From a hilltop estate with unparalleled historical significance to a seventy five year old Christmas tree farm and a legacy of joy, to a profoundly private family reserve and gathering place, The Oak Creek Company earns the trust of its partners, one generation after another. The careful and thoughtful stewardship of these precious lands in Santa Barbara, California, often passed down through generations, require a level of patience and knowledge unsuited for the larger institutional builders and land developers.

The Oak Creek Company, while embracing sustainable land development and homebuilding practices, seeks to create meaningful human experiences for individuals and families, in the interaction of home and environment. In one small way or another, the places just feel right, and you feel at home, with yourself and your surroundings, the result of thoughtful planning, the enlightened nourishment of a fresh idea, and an honest intention to create one-of-a-kind, once in a lifetime places in which to live, thrive, and prosper.