Private Estate Residences On An Historic Hilltop
Santa Barbara, CA

If every place has a story, few are as interesting as The Knoll.

This is the former estate of the Rochlitzer Family, who immigrated from Austria in 1937 during the German uprising. They were grateful for the safety and sanctity of Santa Barbara. In the 1940’s, because of their unique hilltop setting, extraordinary vantage point, and views out to the sea, the family was the first to report the brief shelling at Ellwood Field during World War II.

The estate was designed by Edwards and Plunkett, a highly acclaimed Santa Barbara architectural firm who also designed The Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara Municipal Airport, and National Guard Armory.

Today, it is the centerpiece of an extraordinary land plan that will offer 12 precious and few semi-custom legacy estate residences in a European hilltop village setting with views in every direction- to the mountains, to the sea, to everywhere in between.